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I know others have made a similar thread, but this is getting ridiculous. I have great internet, speed is fine, this is a runescape glitch. I get logged out so much now that I cannot even do combat. Please fix this glitch.

Runescape freezes up, logs out. When I log back in, I get a message saying "Malformed Login Packet. Please try again"

This is getting more common, and is affecting a lot of players. Please look into this.

Please do not say "try again" or "get a better computer" or "It's an internet thing" because these are not issues for me. It's runescape.

I have submitted a ticket. I would still like a formal response if at all possible, so I can play runescape again.

Thanks so much! : )

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Please fill this template out:

Type of client used:
Operating System (Windows Version, Mac OS Version, Linux Version):
Graphics Card:

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Bumped. Same problem, still not addressed.
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