Which Macbook for Runescape?

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Are you getting a Macbook for a specific reason (i.e. to use some software only available on Apple-based systems)?

The reason I ask is because they are very expensive and not worth the money at all in most cases, especially if your primary intent is to play games on them. The only time it may be worth considering a Mac is if you need their software for something (school or work). Otherwise, you're much better off with a Windows-based system.

For the price you're paying for a Macbook, you could get a much more powerful laptop that could run NXT beautifully and then some. You could even get away with spending much less and it'd likely still be more powerful than what you're getting.

You also should be aware that NXT has stability issues with Apple-based machines. The game isn't optimised well for these machines in particular. You'll find that it might work great one month and then start giving you problems the next (especially after updates). This is true for Windows also, but stability tends to be more guaranteed and fixes usually come out faster.

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