Runescape nxtclient wont load

Quick find code: 409-410-943-66070769

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Okay basically i download and install the latest nxt client ... my pc is quite old so ive been playing the old client version for the past couple of months ... But today i upgraded my graphics card to The MSI geforce gt 710 alongside upgrading my ram to 8GB ddr2 ... But i still receive this error message .

x the runescape client suffered from an error
( This could be due to graphics driver issues and may be improved by switching graphics mode or updating drivers)

... Then it gives me the option to change to compatibility mode.
Ive tried both normal and compatibility mode several times and get the same error every time

The initial loader starts, says loading configuration the yellow bar makes it like half a mm then i keep just getting this message ^^^^^^^^^^^^

I previously thought it was because of my system but ive upgraded the specs beyond the recommended requirements and am still getting this error message ... ^^^^^

Please if anyone has ever experienced this and has any idea how to fix i would be eternally greatful as i cant keep using the old client .... the graphics are awful and laggy and i cant do any high level pvm ..

My pc specs are
Windows 7
amd athlon 3800* 2.4ghz processor
msi ge force gt 710 GPU (2gb ddr3)
8GB ddr2 ram

(Surely this should be good enough to start the client right)

? Thanks you regards Dominic

27-Dec-2018 15:17:52



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I'm not sure what recommended requirements you checked before upgrading but everything I've seen about that has been very out of date. Best to ask for recommendations on the forums before upgrading for RuneScape. However, I wouldn't have recommended upgrading a computer as old as yours.

Yes, your computer is very old. 8 GB of RAM is good to have even if it is old RAM. Unfortunately a Geforce GT 710 won't display the NXT client well. There are integrated Intel HD graphics systems that perform better than this graphics card. The error message suggests updating the graphics driver. Have you tried that? You can get a graphics driver update from

The error message you're getting is not an uncommon message. Usually at least Compatibility mode works. Though, using Compatibility mode causes reduced performance. In your case Compatibility mode doesn't work. Unfortunately I'm not sure what to suggest beyond updating your graphics driver.

27-Dec-2018 16:01:49

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okay so now im really confused ... i downloaded the driver you instructed the game ready one and my system has been working flawlessly with the client for most of today now ive just been out for abit got hope tried to load up the client and am getting the same error again... im really confused as it was working litteraly earlier today .... hmmmm going to try removing and re installing

28-Dec-2018 16:28:03

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