Lag when opening 2nd game

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RS is poorly optimised. Ultra has very high demands. It could very well be that your system is just not capable of running two instances of RS at Ultra settings. NXT doesn't make good use of system resources. It can lag on even high-end machines.

The other games you play are likely better optimised and thus you're able to get more out of them (i.e. run multiple instances at high graphical settings).

It could also be the fact your CPU is old and from AMD. It has poor single-threaded performance and NXT still somewhat relies on it. It's not multi-threaded like other games. Those extra cores the CPU has aren't very helpful on RS. Instead, it shows you the weaknesses of your CPU (the single-threaded performance).

See this old Reddit thread:

User here had an issue with lag (not same as yours) and was told by a J-Mod, that worked on NXT, the cause was a CPU bottleneck. Same CPU as you as well. Just a different issue. Even though the thread is old, it likely still relates. There's not been any significant changes to the client to make it work better on older AMD processors.

A system I have with an AMD Athlon X4 860K CPU paired with a GTX 750Ti stutters on even medium settings. FPS is high, but it's not smooth at all. I had this same GPU in my main PC (with an Intel i5 6600K) and the client ran better (no stutters).

Do you see better results by having one client of RS run at perhaps Medium-High and the other on minimum?

I think you may just have to turn off some of your settings if you want to run more than one instance of the client. Things like Ambient Occlusion and Shadows are very demanding. One client at Ultra is demanding enough, two will be even worse.

19-May-2019 03:30:48

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