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The forum mod team have collectively decided to combine all skilling outfit parts trading threads into one single sticky thread.

Please use this thread to trade all skilling outfit parts to help you complete your full outfit. It makes it much easier to trade all outfit parts in one sticky thread rather than in 8 separate threads that we had before.

Trust Trades
- Beware of players asking for money before or after trading outfit parts. Scams can occur when the other player runs off with the cash or doesn't pay as promised after the trade. Such players take advantage of people who are so desperate to complete their full outfits. You should always wait that little bit longer to find someone who is willing to trade outfit parts without any additional payments. Never do trust trades.

Copy and paste the template below and add in the parts you want to trade. Make sure to post the skilling outfit name, the outfit parts you want and the outfit parts you have to offer. Feel free to add your own colours to your post.

Please edit your post after you have traded your items so that other people know not to contact you in game.


Trading Camouflage Parts
Trading Divine Sim Parts
Trading Ethereal Parts
Trading Golem Parts
Trading Gorajan Parts
Trading Master Farmer Parts
Trading Sentinel Parts
Trading Shark Parts
Trading Trapper Parts

I'm looking for: ...................
I'm offering: ........................
Private message me .......... Yes / No
Additional Information .....

Good luck with your trades..

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Lets Logout

Lets Logout

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Trading Shark Parts

I'm looking for: SHARK GLOVES
I'm offering: Tiger Legs, Tiger Body, Tiger Feet, Burnt Feet
Private message me .......... Yes

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Trading Gorajan Parts

I'm looking for: Frozen head
I'm offering: Furnished head/hands, Occult legs
Private message me: Yes

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Trading Gorajan Parts

I'm looking for:
Abandoned Legs
Furnished Feet

I'm offering:
Frozen Body

Private message me: Yes
Additional Information: I'm in EST but feel free to add me and pm when I'm available!

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