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Some bad people are copying my name and scamming customers. Before you do ANY trade verify you are actually trading with me. Examine the player and make sure they are in the Rants clan, have the same stats as me, etc. I will always keep my examination information public!

It is safer for you as a customer to do partial trades, never the full amount. I will always do partial trades when asked - a scammer will not.

I recommend adding me, Immortalized (the correct letters), in-game and keeping your private chat set to Friends so scammers with similar names cannot contact you.


Welcome to my Zemomark / Chromatic Partyhat shop.

I have run this shop for a long time and after many sales I have made some rules to make it a safe and speedy experience for all parties.

ALL orders are queued. I fulfill orders in chronological order, only exceptions are for those who either offer more or because the next person in queue was not online. If you are skipped because you were not online it does not change your position in the queue, I will just fulfill your order next opportunity.

Posting in this thread or PMing me will put you in the queue. Regardless of how long it takes (even weeks if I am unable to play) it is my obligation to honor queue and fulfill orders in the order received.

Leave a message here or if you see me online send a PM. I will contact you in-game to work out the details.

Note that if you post in this thread it increases the likelihood of a scammer imitating me to contact you. Make sure you keep private chat set to Friends and add me if you choose this route. I recommend posting in here as it will put you in the queue sooner than waiting to contact me in game.

Verification of sale is appreciated. I will always bump thread when a sale completes but verifying helps indicate to others that this is a safe business.

bring back the lumbridge pig pit

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