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I recently bought bonds on old school and then I was hacked, so Iíve gone to buy some more and it keeps cancelling my order, Iíve contacted my bank and they said it was Jagex cancelling the payment, why is this happening??

19-Nov-2018 20:08:16

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Hi there

I am only guessing here but I think the hijack has caused this.
Your account has been insecure.
Did the hijacker steal the previous Bonds?
Maybe they bought more Bonds on your account and used your account to commit online fraud against Jagex.

You might be unable to buy Bonds for some time if the hijack is the cause of this difficulty.
Have you fully secured your account now?
Jagex has a page of instructions to work through: Securing your computer and account
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19-Nov-2018 21:50:47

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i have the same problem i have checked in My osrs i have when from pc to app to pc to see if that fixed it still nothing went to RS3 that god offal disgrace of a game to see if the were there which i mean come on if you click on them from the osrs game and you get rs3 your game has a problem i still haven't gotten my bonds and i made message to contact you for them but for some reason i get no reply and for another reason my google play account even says the payment went through i even have a email with confirmation codes and still don't have my bonds

06-Dec-2018 01:00:35

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