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I started to play this game back in 2007 and when I paid for membership, in the beginning, it was much cheaper. Later there was a price increase happened I was able to keep paying the old price. This went on for a few years until my dad's credit card expired which made me lose the discount although it didn't bug me much at the time because my parents were paying for it and then later I lost interest in this game sometime around 2014 I'm now looking into playing this game again and I was wondering if there is any possible method for me to get my original price?

I attempted to see if I could contact customer support but they don't seem to allow you to contact them about this?

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Welcome back to RS. You retain discounted membership rates as long as you maintain continuous membership (and for an extra 1-2 weeks beyond that if your membership lapses). Since you have been f2p for 4 years, I doubt there's any way for you to obtain the discounted rates again--which is why there's no option to contact Jagex about it.

That said, the premier club packages that are currently on sale offer a discount on membership (on a per-month basis), if you're willing to buy several months at once. For example, Gold membership contains 12 months for $89.99, which works out to about $7.50 per month.
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