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So I can't purchase bonds on pc through the account I created on game center. From my research it's apparently triggering the bond purchase limit and instantly declining my purchase as I guess the glitch reads as if I've bought the limit of bonds when I haven't been able to buy ANY because my account is a gamecenter account. Going to try and buy a bond through the mobile and see if that works but as of now I am unable to purchase bonds on pc through said gamecenter created account. :( I am the bag master.

16-Dec-2018 04:04:47

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The Community Led Technical Support Forum is for getting assistance with getting the game to run on your computer or mobile device. As this is a payment issue, this thread has been moved to the Community Led Payment Support Forum.

The Set an email login for your Game Center account article in the Support Centre explains what you need to do to be able to make purchases using your pc.

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16-Dec-2018 06:08:21

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Hi there

It is difficult for us (other players) to say what exactly the problem is.

If you want to message Billing Support to ask them, use the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of this page.
While the page itself isn't really your topic, the contact point will still be workable.
Just fill out the parts of the form that are required and use the free text box to submit your main message.
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