Gear switching penalty

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chi pa pa
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chi pa pa

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I think it would be good for the game if there were some sort of penalty or restriction on gear switching.


• -5% adrenaline on switch
• a small global cooldown on switch
• something else?

Before you grab your torches and pitchforks, please consider the pros and cons of introducing such a mechanic:

the good:

• individual items could be massively buffed because jagex no longer has to consider players using all options (vigour and asylum rings could save more adrenaline for example, and planted feet could be made more powerful to use on your main weapon)
• new, powerful items could be introduced for the same reason as above
• hybrid armor would actually be worth using as switching your full outfit would be less viable
• defenders would actually be worth using because switching your offhand a lot would be less viable
• more "in-between" options could be introduced for the same reasons as above
• more inventory space lol
• the item curve on PvM is loosened a bit (you no longer have to possess each and every item)

the bad

• the skill cieling on PvM is lowered a bit (you no longer have to learn to use a gazillion swaps for max dps)
• this is basically a shield nerf, which is hard to justify except for in the name of making defenders more viable
• overall DPS is decreased because you lose planted feet, vigour switching, d rider neck switching, 2h/dw switching, venge switching, etc... (unless these are all individually buffed to compensate
• spec weapons would have to be an exception, I cannot justify making them even worse

bugs should be fixed

04-Dec-2016 01:42:52

Sean Z
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Sean Z

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Sounds good in theory. Having to balance trade-offs when considering what gear to bring and use sounds like a much more healthy system than bringing all options and cycling through them.

With more combat items added to the game, this sort of change becomes more vital. Developers can balance future content knowing that a select group of players won't be utilizing a disproportionate amount of niche buffs/effects (many that average players wouldn't ever consider using) and players can enjoy not having to utilize said niche buffs/effects to seriously attempt the content.

To an extent, this sort of change may even increase the skill cap. Players would have to be more strategic in how they use switches and further consider what switches are actually beneficial to their current situation.

04-Dec-2016 06:33:24

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no support, there use to be a global cooldown when u switch ur weapons and armour and it is very aids.

Hybriding with armour has a con witch is less inventory spaces, i agree they need to make hybrid armour better to cuz they have very low stats

05-Dec-2016 13:49:38

Yes am Ashi
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Yes am Ashi

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No Support.

Before their was a global cool down and that was annoying for people who switched styles when it came to pvping and even pvming for some npc that use protect prayers such as TD and Akrisa. Why do I want to lose 30K-70K damage to switch to vigor and planted feet switch thats not worth the time getting them if thats the case. Giving items to replace this effects seem to much work to balance when it comes to one or another, Consider to pvping and pvming sure you can have 1 ring for that does planted feet+vigor+asy might as well add lev ring to it and teleports to it am I right? because you know why not?

Hybrid: Oh boy where to start lets see umm 1. its a type of armor that does not lesses dps with any weapon but loses a few Tiers in armor and theirs set of hybrid that does war priest effects and has the defense of 842 (same tier as Gwd 1 armor) and if upgraded it be 964 defense (barrows gear T70) and only has 3 pieces for it then with added boots of anytype like dragon rider then cape and even adding on the ring will get your armor raiting up to gano defense (1267 defense) yup. 2. Its hybrid what else do you want from it? its nice alone you know. plus theirs a "All" type of armor that doesn't lose def or dps witch are dragon rider/void/obsedian gear

Defenders: defenders are a huge part when it comes to high level pvming and speed kills as they combo with achto making them more powerful then the original off-hand suppose to be and they provide great verse of abilities so why are they useless to you?

overall the only thing I see you wanting is Inventory room, but what thing are you doing that requires a lot of room? if its telos try getting a rune pouch big and small and better healing food such as great gunkan. (pack mammoth witch I strongly don't recommend but if you want more inv space be my guest)

06-Dec-2016 18:08:23

A Vitalis
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A Vitalis

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Hybrid gear certainly isn't useless, it's great for places where you... Well, hybrid. At places where hybridding isn't necessary of course using class gear is better, why wouldn't it be? But for slayer, bosses like DKs, KK, Nex, etc., hybrid/all class gear is very viable. It would be even more viable if Jagex would let us augment Dragon Rider and (attuned) crystal, but I digress.

Defenders also aren't useless, although they are extremely niche (they require Achto to truly be viable, and even then only in specific circumstances). The problem is defenders were doomed the instant dual wielding became a thing, and there really isn't a way to make them viable in the current system without bringing up a whole host of other problems.

The "solutions" you've proposed would essentially kill things like DPS tanking at Vorago and Raids, would make bosses like Telos arbitrarily harder without any real justification, and would prevent things like DWHVing and clutch Barricade switches to block anima bombs. These are major components of efficient team bossing, and you want to remove them because you don't like the fact that defenders are outclassed. Kind of reminds me of that one guy who burned his house down trying to kill a spider.
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No easyscape

No easyscape

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No support.

Hybrid gear is definitely useful. I use warpriest gear for things like DKS and Rush of Blood.
I could do armor switches for more DPS if I wanted to, but it's click intensive so it has a trade-off already. Adding more penalties would be pointless.

The only hybrid set that could do with a buff is Anima core of Sliske since Gregorovic is harder than the other gwd2 bosses.

07-Dec-2016 00:30:53

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