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Seems like nobody has posted a forum on this yet, so I will jump in and remind everyone about RuneScape Gathering 2018.

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April 21st, 2018
7pm GMT/Game Time
RuneScape 3 on Ice Mountain
World 80 (World 81; Overflow)

Common Questions:

What is Runescape Gathering?
A yearly annual event where you get to meet and greet some of your favorite Runescape Livestreamers, Videomakers, "Infamous Players", and the Everyday noobs (like me).
The event became a yearly tradition with the first one being hosted by TehNoobShow, a good friend of mine and well regarded as one of the best Runescape Videomakers of all time by common players.

There have also been players who show up to give away bonds and ingame cash.

Eventually as the years went on JMods got involved in the event as well, transforming as various creatures, and sometimes dropping skill nodes, so "afking" wasn't an "exp waste."
They ALSO would meet and greet the average players and hang out with them.

Where is it located, and what time?
World 80 on Ice Mountain.
Generally, in the past, it would be so packed, that it would fill up THREE WORLDS ingame, but in the event of overflow, the gathering will go into World 81. Fastest way to get there is via the Edgeville Lodestone, and head south (Sometimes, Jmods will leave a lodestone on the Mountain).

As for what time... it will be 7pm Game Time/GMT. Check your time zones to get a better idea when the RS Gathering will be occurring in your time zone.

Who will be there?
Again, your Favorite RS Videomakers, Livestreamers, Jmods.

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Great One said:
Time Conversion Charts

Conversion Chart valid November 5, 2017 6-9 am GMT until March 11, 2018 7-10 am GMT

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GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
North America:

PST = Pacific Standard Time
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GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
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AWST = Australian Western Standard Time
AEDT = Australian Easte
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