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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Hey guys,

This has been added to the forum specific rules but I wanted to create a post to also point it out.

Events for "giveaways" are no longer allowed in this forum, due to the high number of scams and no-show-hosts making threads.

Things like drop parties and "follow me for 200m" threads will now be locked and hidden.

If you have a normal event (for example, hide and seek) which you wish to give out prizes for - you may do this. However, you cannot specify the rewards on your thread.

This is something I'll be keeping an eye on for now - call it a work in progress. The Forum mods and I would like to keep spam threads away from this forum as much as possible :)

Thanks for your cooperation and let me know if you have any questions.

Mod Kalaya
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02-Mar-2015 14:51:04

Nick 1

Nick 1

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Instead of not being allowed to specify the rewards, why not just not allow the events to be centralized around the items, rather? I mean, if a player is saying they are hosting a POH party plus they have some bonds they will be distributing to players, I may be more enticed to attend over someone having just a random get-together with people to celebrate a milestone without the mention of a prize or party gift. I am not saying my personality meets these expectations for attendance, but we all know people whom are indeed like this. Until exp is implemented into events somehow to throw away the xp waste mentality, the personal gain incentives all need to stay.

03-Mar-2015 00:23:58

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