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Johnny Jedi

Johnny Jedi

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To regards with Runecrafting through the abyss; I know that using Bonus Exp at abyss with Demonic Skull increases the experience to 4.5x, but I'm wondering how Bonus Exp would stack with Double Exp Weekend. Would the 3.5x be doubled and then stack on the extra Bonus, or would the multiplier just become 5.5x? If anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated.

05-Sep-2015 05:10:03

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Hello Johnny Jedi,

I am not sure with answer so I can't help you but don't think that you should ask for help in Events and Competitions section, if you have access to High Level forum, try to ask there if you don't have access try to ask in RuneScape Guides and Help section.

Hope you find your answer.

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05-Sep-2015 19:16:00

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