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As a big thanks to all those that actively participate within the clan, I'd like for us all to celebrate on February 4th at 20:00 IGT. The details of the celebration will be listed below :)

The first event in this celebration will consist of a tournament at the Burhtrope Games Room. The rules for this tournament will be discussed at the event, but the game that will be played throughout the tournament will be "Runelink" also known as Connect 4. This event will be available for both members and non members, and those that participate will receive rewards!

Third Place

The individual who achieves third place, will win an
Amulet of Fury

Second Place

To whomever reaches second place, will win a
Saradomin Godsword

First Place

And finally, the lucky winner of first place, will win

Along with this, all participants will receive 100K, regardless of winning prizes.


The second event in my extravaganza, will take place at the Clan Citadel on the newly added dance floor. It will consist of a drop party. Unfortunately, this drop party will only be available for members due to the amount of members items being dropped. But don't worry, I will be sure to host more :). The total amount of items being dropped in this party is a surprise, but trust me, you wouldn't want to miss it ;)


The third event in our celebration, will be whatever you guys decide! We will vote on suggestions given by each one of you, and carry it out as a normal clan event :)

I hope you all decide to participate!! It will be a fun event, and a chance to make some serious money. Thank you all for being a part of the clan. See you then :)
~ Steim

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