Harvest End Festival [W42*

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Come one, come all, the Earl is hosting the annual Harvest End! Find your way to the Earl's Manor by way of the Taverley House Portal, and join the festivities that are open and on offer! Find your invitation below!


Lords & Ladies, Gentlemen & Wives
The Right Honourable Lord Vairton, M.E, K.B,
requests the pleasure of the company of
__________[Your Name]__________
at the upcoming festivities to celebrate the end of harvest for the year [AD 2015]
at which
His Majesty The King of Burthorpe
shall perform a ceremony at Vairton Manor on
the 5th Ire of Phyrrys at [Time].

(Ignore the articles in the square brackets - they're placeholders because RS years apparently change once a decade and the game has no common concept of time)

What?: Party
Who's welcome?: E'erybody
When?: Sunday the 13th of September
Where?: Vairton Manor (My PoH - Taverley portal)
Time?: 21:30 GMT - 16:30 EST - 20:30 Game Time

See the next post for further detail.
Allahu Akbar

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This event is a Social Roleplay event, and will be hosted on world 42 in my Player-Owned House, which may be accessed after 20:30 Game Time on Sunday the 13th of September until the event is over. This event is a reach out from the Roleplaying - In-Game community to the community at large, to offer the opportunity for those unfamiliar with RuneScape Roleplay to give it a try in a relaxed, themed and social atmosphere.

The theme of this event is the end of harvest, a celebration which generally is held on the last or second last Sunday of every September. This year this event will be hosted on the second Sunday for the convenience of the two hosts (the Earl of Vairton (myself) and the King of Burthorpe (Garlan I)). In following with the theme, this event is open to any and all characters - locals and foreigners, commoners and nobility, country bumpkins and wandering adventurers.

From all in the Empire of Asgarnia (of 42), we hope to see you there!
If anyone has any questions, do not feel free to ask or to pm me in-game!

Allahu Akbar

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