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Andreas J

Andreas J

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OSRS started their King of the Skill competition and I think it would be really fun to have a similar competition here in RS3.

All accounts are Ironmen by the way (be aware that anyone using multiple ironmen to increase XP rates or benefit another account will be disqualified).

There is no Grand Exchange.

There is 10x XP for all XP rates including XP lamps and quest rewards.

You will only be able to log in to these worlds for a maximum of 24 hours game play during the month of November.

You will see a counter on screen displaying how much of the 24 hours you have remaining.

This is basically what the OSRS version is. Now the RS3 version don't need a x10 XP except mabye for quests. But the quests & lamp xp could be x5 instead of x10.

So 24 hours of gameplay, get as much levels & xp as possible and by the end of the month, the top 10 in total level and top 5 for individual skills will win something. (Invention will of course be excluded)

You can read more on the OSRS homepage.
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03-Nov-2017 12:51:25



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not certain if its a glitch or not, but quest npcs to defeat yield standard xp, not 10x.
ie. fighting the vampire from Vampire Slayer yielded 1x experience.
Is this intentional?

Thank you.

03-Nov-2017 18:26:14

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