Cloakwork Pieces Event =)

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Hello to Everyone,

Special Thanks to the
Jagex team who've worked on the Event

Well, this
Cloakwork Pieces Event
looks better tbh, this is day one of the event so i've got two rubber turkey off - hand, and made some coins Bc of it :)

Plus i got many
Fallen stars/Lamps
And still getting more. (Awesome Bxp & xp tbh ).
sounds very great :)

So , Big thankk to who've worked on this
Event - Jagex team
, that was a very smart and good idea tbh, the Rewards -

Goodluck dear players to earn more coins and Exp , and i'd like to listen to your Opnions, what you already got of it, feel free to post down :)

Such a very wonderful Event ;)

Thanks again ^)

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