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53rd Player Gallery

53rd Player Gallery: "The Goebie Planet"

A new world has opened out for the players of Gielinor.

Mazcab isn't just about raids and PvM

The Goebies are a peaceful race looking for a hero. Mazcab is a city that has felt the wrath of Tuska but was not destroyed by her. The Airut followers took over the world which has had an effect on the Goebie planet once known as Chantli.

As part of this competition, we want you to
explore the world of Mazcab
and send us a creation of your
favourite part of the city

You can provide us with an image of Mazcab or you can let your creativity flow and provide us an image of what you think your favourite part of the city looked like if it was still Chantli - how do you imagine the race of Goebies lived and decorated their city? What colours would you see? What kind of nature would this land have?

There is so much to do in the city

is full of
. The
is full of
mystery and wonder
. The areas
Kanatan and Otot
are full of
minigames and tasks
. :D

Here are the other details for the Competition.

- It has to be RuneScape related artwork based on the current theme
- It's got to be your own art work - no knock-offs, please!
- Maximum size 2MB
- Accepted formats .jpg, .png, .gif
- Your entry must be submitted before the deadline!

Please include your RSN and title of the art work for your entry!

- Raids/Mazcab themed, signed concept art
- 3 x RuneScape Bonds
- Your printed artwork signed by J-Mods

Two runners-up:
- 2 x Bonds
- 200 RuneCoins

If you would like to enter this competition, you can e-mail
. You can also enter via other social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by tagging
. You can enter now!

Entries for this competition will close 12:00 GAME TIME (UTC) on the Monday 17th August 2015.

Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Winners will be announced a few weeks after the competition has ended.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with. :D
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Can't wait to see your entries!
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17-Jul-2015 15:51:37

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Been eager to do some Goebie artwork, this seems like the perfect opportunity.
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This is going to be difficult... time to researcht he goebies and read all the related lore!
Thanks for the slightly longer than usual deadline, a full month is awesome. I'll get started right away!

Glad to be able to participate in this one, goodluck everyone!
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19-Jul-2015 15:51:46

Mod Neena

Mod Neena

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Great! Looking forward to seeing some creative designs :D
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21-Jul-2015 08:55:01

Mod Neena

Mod Neena

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Hey everyone, you've got less than 2 weeks to enter this competition!

We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

JDogg said:
Wait so we need to make forum art for this?

You can sketch, paint, draw, sew, photo-manipulate or bake a cake in the shape of the Goebie Planet. Any creative design as long is it's your own. :)

Please use to submit your final designs.

- Mod Neena -
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