The Great RuneScape Bake-Off

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A while ago, Geese Go Moo launched the Great RuneScape Bake-Off on our YouTube channel. The best chefs from across Gielinor took to their kitchens and produced some amazing creations.

After a long judging process - involving many tasty treats - we've come to our decision.

The winner of the Great RuneScape Bake-Off will be able to claim a RuneScape Kitchen/BBQ Bundle!

Our favourite creation was produced by Lightnday - who will be taking home the merchandise bundle. Check out these amazing gingerbread Rune cookies, and this great looking cake!

A special mention goes out to Absent Fear; who made these awesome cocktails - the Wizard Blizzard and the Short Green Guy, plus some instructions on how to make them ourselves!

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Wow, congratulations to Light*day! That cake and those cookies look amazing!!! :)

Looks like my batta didn't seem to make it ... :/ Hope there will be another similar contest in the future! :)


14-Oct-2015 03:23:13

Geese Go Moo

Geese Go Moo

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Congratulations to Light*day (The forum censors his name for some reason) for winning the competition ^_^

It was really hard to pick the finalists for this, let alone the winner!
It's competitions like this that really show how talented the RuneScape community is, so well done to anybody that entered, I loved seeing your entries.

Hopefully we'll be able to do another one like this one day :p
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wow, wish i had noticed this! hope you all do it again! 10 200ms. Founder of Jamandy52 skilling clan. Love skilling. Love minigames.
Working on 200m Slayer atm. PM for effigies assists, and for tips when skilling. World 70.

22-Oct-2015 19:00:39

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