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I received a Zodiac mystery box. Inside was a medium cash bag and a red envelope which "can be used to mark tasks as complete on your Zodiac card". What??

Through further research it is talking about a card similar to the recent task card, but it is for the Zodiac Card, an event that was called Zodiac Training in February, 2016.


15-Feb-2018 00:52:04

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Found this post from one of the Community LMods:

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As they say in Latin repetita iuvant:
it helps to repeat.

So yes, I confirm. Red envelopes can be used to recharge Monkey Trinkets!

They were from 2016 I believe. If you have any monkey trinkets you can use those envelopes to recharge them but not sure what else you can do with them if you don't have any trinkets.

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15-Feb-2018 09:09:22

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Indeed you can use the red envelopes to recharge monkey trinkets. The give 2 charges per envelope. If you don't currently have a trinket, but had one in the past, check with Diango to retrieve it.

15-Feb-2018 16:48:27

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