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After update this Monday, RS3 beta stop working, tried reinstall and free spaces, old RS mobile loads fine, only touch location all wrong, Samsung note edge.
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19-Jan-2019 13:16:41

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Feels like the client still needs some serious Optimizing. I run the beta on an ASUS ROG Phone, one of the most powerful android phones on the market, and on maxed settings i get massive framerate drops in cities and other busy areas.

It is pretty absurd since RS3 is not a very graphically complex or intense game.
There are games that are much more graphically intense and run smooth as butter on this phone, such as Asphalt 9.

23-Jan-2019 15:22:28

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I play osrs mobile on a Samsung galaxy note 9, which has native peripheral (mouse and keyboard) support. I attempted to play osrs mobile using a mouse and was shocked that I couldn't. It's natively supported on my device and shouldn't be a major hurdle to support it. It would make playing on mobile so much better. The mobile app is coming along great, but playing with a mouse on a device that already supports it would be amazing for the people who have invested in a device with this feature hopefully with minimal dev time.

27-Jan-2019 06:09:51

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Hi, I've finally gotten around to making a list for Runescape Mobile and thought I'd share what I've seen so far from it.

I use Android 7.1.1 on an A577VL

This one is the major problem I've noticed with the beta

-NPCs and Player models don't load, only particles

And here's the updates from which the items that have some form of missing texture share in common, along with some other things.

-All capes have white squares for the skill icons
-Mining and Smithing armor + Augmented pickaxe of earth and song
-Mazcab + Goe*ie charms and Arc + Menaphos tabs missing textures
-Some 2018 Christmas items
-Clue scroll rework items (Cosmetics and Elite ranger boots)
-Invention batch update
-Deep sea fishing food
-Some Spring Fayre and Beach tokens, Festive eggs (Spring Fayre), Barrel of monkeys, Parasols
-Some MTX items like Training dummies and Dwarven tools
-Augmented T90 equipment?
-Waterfall Fishing items
-Elven clan capes missing textures
-Shadow cores, Chronicle fragments and Hefin course multipliers have a transparent square over them
-Elite ports weapons
-Player-owned Farms (Outfit + Animals)
-Trials armor from QP Shop
-A few of the Slayer Masks
-Trees in Tirannwn and Falador (or just trees in general) don't load textures for leaves
-Treasure Hunter chest icon for interface and some of the chests while opening them
-Big rock, Undead Chicken, Treasure map, Big Book o' Piracy, Dominion marker (stage 4), Ancient lantern, Cinderbane gloves

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You guys just need to make this non-members. People are paying to play this beta and for probably over half of us on Android its not even playable. From everything being invisible to login errors, you guys have let all this stuff go and its freaking rage fuel. You put the beta out there and have updated the game all of 2 or 3 times in like 4 months! The last 2 updates have had no impact what so ever for the major glitches. I've honestly never been so irritated with a game developer in the many years I have been playing MMORPGs! You guys released the beta for paying memebers and then dropped it like a damn fly and its beyond negligence... This is VERY unloyal to your members, especially those of us without access to a PC who are wasting money to play something that doesn't work! You guys have had plenty of time to fix these issues and yet they still remain. Most developers would have this crap sorted out within 1-4 days, and here we sit at 2-4 months. Either make it free if you aren't going to stay on top of it or just pull it until you're actually ready to fix the bugs becuase this is ridiculous... Its almost as bad as the bs that Disney pulled when they released Star Wars Rivals for mobile for a brief time and then discontinued it, telling the players that they will not be recieving refunds for any purchases they made in the mere weeks the game was actually out. Come on, Jagex! "Rapture for oneself a greed to yet reject
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