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It seems like they are already tier 85, but unlike the Dragon Rider Lance (t90 accuracy, * 80 damage) , it is a mix of damage and accuracy.

If you upgrade the elder rune weapons, you actually end up with t89, so it is arguably the best crafted weapon. I think it should be worse than the t90s, cause whats the point of bossing BiS when you can make it at 90 smiting?

The idea of elder rune was never to be a replacement for nox scythe, I think it's intention was to make bossing a little more available to people who skill more than fight. If you have 90 mining and 90 smiting, you can make some pretty formidable tank gears (elder rune) and make decently long runs at GW and GW2.

It is also a filler item, it would have been dumb to do this smiting and mining rework, and leave an empty content gap from 50 to 90.

It would have been nice to see them at t90, but i can definitely see why they are not.

That being said, when you add in power armour, slayer helm, and potions, elder rune weaponry should still be great for slayer and trash.

I just don't think it was intended to compete with the scythe though.

20-Jan-2019 15:09:32

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