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Feel my Pid
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Feel my Pid

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The Gem mining is over powered, This will destroy any value the gems hold on the GE. Not only this but will make crafting to easy to level up.

Please tell me that you are planning to change the drop rates. This is to much.

19-Nov-2018 02:42:43

King Tyrann
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King Tyrann

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Wait your saying Onyx's Will be made a lot More common? Looks like i can repair my amulet of souls for a few 1000 gp Bois. If theyre gonna be As Common as you say. Jagex Needs to Fix that in my opinion ASAP , thats not something to laugh about as that will most likely happen if this update for gems HAPPEN. Which in essence make Onyx Jewelrry Items worthless. and anything else that invovles an Onyx Will suffer =/ It Will also also ruin the other gem prices as well.

So ill second Feel my Pids Request.
I'm the King of who..?

19-Nov-2018 03:43:37



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I checked some monster drops at the beta and gems amd jewellery drops are not modified. Just with those traditional gems and jewellery drops they will be as easy to get as always. To that we still have to add the amount of gems we'll get from now on through mining. Since bars and tank armours and weapons (that's smithed gear) is going to be removed from monster drops, much more people will be mining and smithing items, and that means much more people getting gems. In addition to this, we are getting gems very easy and fast everywhere the way it is now at the beta. What I mean is, even if the amount of gems are reduced at mining, the whole new amount of gems coming from mining is going to be added to the gems and jewellery coming from monster drops, with is in total too much. In fact it already seems too much before the beta, because gems are supposed to be expensive and rare, at least a bit, and after the beta a piece of soft clay could be more expensive than a sapphire. In fact already is more expensive, while a unit of soft clay cost 456 gp each a cut sapphire is now at 179 gp and a cut ruby is now 472 gp. Keep in mind a sapphire is tier 4 gem (above opal, jade and red topaz) and ruby is tier 6 gem. In fact price is quite similar between tier 1 to 7 in gems, with is a symptom that gems production and uses are not balanced right now.

I think gems and jewellery should be reduced from monster drops to make it possible to combine with the new source of gems coming from the new mining mechanic. Otherwise people will drop many gems because there will be a ton of them and they will be very cheap. In fact before I played the beta I tought they were going to be completely removed from monster drops, considering the new way to get them at the mining, but it turned to be not like I once supposed, in fact quite the contrary, instead of being harder to get they may come much easier to get with no more demand or uses for them.

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I agree the gems drops from monsters should be removed or at the very least nurffed if mining gems will become that easy. Having such ease of access to gems will make crafting far to easy to level along with ruin the gem market, not including what King Tyrann mentioned of making oynx items worthless and to easy to come by. If armour, weapon, ore and bar drops are being removed from monsters, remove the gem drops as well or if nothing heavily nurffed and reduced. +1

28-Nov-2018 16:17:21

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