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Hey all, another set of patch notes coming your way for the beta, these changes will be implemented when the beta reboots at 11am game time :)
  • Added a set effect to trimmed masterwork which requires 3 or more pieces. Whenever the wearer takes damage, some proportion of that damage is stored in a "damage pool" instead of being suffered as life point damage. The amount prevented is 10% per piece of the set worn (so 50% if all five pieces are worn).

  • The damage in the pool is not prevented, only delayed. The damage then gets dealt to you every 1.2 seconds. The amount of damage is equal to 20% of the pool or the amount you took from the pool last time, whichever is higher.

  • Some landscapers have visited Falador and given it a makeover, they haven't finished yet but tell us what you think!

  • Dimension of disaster now stops you accessing your metal bank

  • You can no longer dissassemble your in-progress objects

  • New smithing armours & weapons are keep-sakeable

  • Added a toggle to turn on a stamina overhead bar when mining

  • Animations should now correctly work on all pickaxes

  • Your Premier club ticket should now give you rewards.

  • Smithing & Smelting animation overrides should now work correctly.

  • Deposit all should now pull resources from your ore box.

  • Halberds have had their alch prices tweaked to better line up with salvage

  • Various salvage & certed salvage examines were showing incorrect prices, this has been fixed.

  • Tuned Bane Weapons & Shields are now degradeable

  • Ingots have been added, these are used in the creation of iron & steel titan pouches

  • Various grammatical fixes

  • Various bug-fixes

  • As always keep the feedback coming!
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