Coal Disappeared

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Raphael E
Feb Member 2012

Raphael E

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Hi all,

So I had about 4k+ coal from Misc., and I went to the G.E., withdrew it to sell, but it just...disappeared. Made sure I wasn't going insane and checked my G.E. history; no coal sales. And I definitely did not drop it. Super confused...any explanations? Wasn't sure if this might be related to the Mining/Smithing rework.
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14-Jan-2019 02:26:39



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The M&S rework seriously should not have affected your coal. Have you reported it as a bug in-game?

I didn't have any coal when the rework arrived so I can't speak from experience. I didn't have any problems with other ore types.

19-Jan-2019 11:06:05

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