T80 Tuned Bane weapons

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So, here's a question: Why is Bane armor and weaponry T80?

The entire rework so far seems very interesting. It appears to be geared toward keeping current training XP rates while also reducing the total amount of items created in the process. The extra tiers of ore and metals is neat, and certainly will help mid to higher leveled characters obtain melee gear for combat without having to spend millions at the GE or hunt bosses. It will certainly benefit Ironman players. But... why is Bane gear slotted as the level 80 set?

The issue I have here is the fact that bane ore's previous use was as a damage and accuracy aid for characters with combat skills lower than 90. Below 90 range, for example, dragonbane arrows grant both an accuracy and damage increase that would essentially make them around T88 projectiles. Past level 90, such arrows would become weaker than their T90 counterparts, but would still grant an accuracy bonus, so their use was still maintained, particularly at metallic dragons and bosses with the dragon sub-type.

However, this update sees the introduction of Dragonbane melee weaponry at T80, while the arrows and bolts remain at T60. This does make some sense, and while I haven't crunched the numbers yet, I'm willing to bet the damage from the Bane melee weapons is made equal to the projectiles when used by the higher-leveled bows and crossbows. However, if this is the case, wouldn't Bane be better set as the T70 gears, or added as a separate, extended set from the T60 or 70 sets?

With Bane gear being level 80, isn't the usefulness of this weaponry almost completely negated by the fact that RotM, the quest required to even access bane ore, requires a significant time, training, and questing investment, and by the time most players would have reached this requirement, they would either already have passed the combat levels where Bane would be useful, or would have access to similar gear already?


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Yes, I too would assume that the damage from the bane swords would be the same as their ranged equivalents.

However you aren't considering dual wields.

Ascension Crossbow + Off-hand Shadow Glaive damage is greater than or equal to t90 weapon damage with much higher accuracy than a t90 weapon (Against dragons).

I can only wonder how much stronger the melee variants would be if you were using Khopesh of Tumeken + Off-hand dragonbane sword or dragonbane sword + Khopesh of Ellidnis (assuming the dragonbane effect works the same as it does with ranged).

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To be completely fair, you don't need Ritual of the Mahjarrat to tune the new bane melee stuff, it's solely part of Smithing, and it only gives a +25% damage boost, no accuracy.
Nor do you need to do RotM to access mining banite ore, as it spawns north-west of Trollweiss Mountain (no requirements) and at the Pirate Hideout mining site in the Wilderness (also no requirements), as well as two other areas besides the current Bane ore mine near Glacors. (Jatizso Mine after Elite Fremmy Diaries and Tarshak's Sanctum after Hero's Welcome.)


EDIT: Bonus points because today I learned apparently you can mine bane ore after you do Hero's Welcome even if you haven't done Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
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I guess it's fair that there is no accuracy boost considering there are no quest requirements for bane weapons.

I still hope the damage boost will apply with an off-hand dragonbane longsword; otherwise, I would agree that there wouldn't be much of a use for these new bane weapons once you can get better equipment. The damage on the dragonbane weapons is definitely higher than t90, but there is a notable difference between t79 accuracy and t90+ accuracy (which is probably what they used to balance it).

14-Nov-2018 05:29:45

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To be fair, uses for the new tuned bane weapons do still need to be tested out.
Bane ammunition is always usefull because even if you no longer benefit from the damage boost, the accuracy boost is still nice.

Now a tier 79 +25% bonus damage is nice, but it is still at T79 accuracy, wich limits the use a bit.

Now for example, a tuned Bane off-hand weapon for abbyssals along with a darklight might in theory be a very damn good combination, but is the 25% boost enough to prefer it over a T90?

And that is just on its limited use at abbyssal demons ( unless there are higher leveled abbyssals I am unaware off ).

They might be great for revenenant hunting since you can probably safely use your revenant bane weapon there, but again, will the loss of accuracy from a T90 make up for its powerboost on bane?

Same goes for dragons, specifically QBD and metallic dragons.

The concept is amazing, but the few creatures you can attune to, along with the loss of accuracy makes it seem very niche compared to bane ammunition.

Now I'm not suggesting a 25% accuracy boost on attuned bane weapons, but perhaps a 5-10% boost might make them a bit more feasible to use?
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