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boss drops got a rework on stone spirit drops, what about crystal/trisk key lotd/gote. getting addy spirits and large amount of coal to go with it is useless. coal don't even smith addy anymore and large amount for what reason? coal is useless and so is gold.

getting gold drops in lotd/gote use to be ok cause it was good smithing xp wearing gold smith guantlets. use to get 56 xp with them but now only get a big 8 xp. (even though wiki says suppose to get 22xp) you cant sell coal or gold stone spirits. I really feel it is junk drop to get these from something that is suppose to be special and make money or good xp. what do I do with the new drops? should I take up bank space or just drop them on the ground.

I feel it is also a waste of time to actually mine with the stone spirits cause it is low level ore, if I am going to mine I would rather mine something that is going to give me good xp or sell for gp (again you cant sell gold or coal)

also slayer monster drops, from a higher level slayer monster getting low level stone spirits is useless too, need to change them to higher level ores or change it totally to something different.

so glad to see the bossing got an update and forget the skillers as usual. I started playing rs cause I didn't have to be good at combat and I could do what I wanted to, I almost feel this game is designed now for bossing

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