Rockertunities are hard to see

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I have been mining for hours these past couple of days, on every type of core rock, and I have never, ever seen a rockertunity. I play on the java client and it seems they are completely invisible. I also cannot see the green or white particles that are supposed to come out of your current rock when you swing at it to let you know your stamina level. I do have particle effects turned on.

It would be nice if Jagex found some other way to alert us to which rocks have the rockertunities available.

15-Jan-2019 01:24:00

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I can not see any glow on rocks. I switched from classic runescape app to NXT, but same issue persists.
I must continue to use classic rs app, I have an old comp, and NXT crashes on it all the time.
Both rs apps are configured with minimum graphics settings.

15-Jan-2019 22:47:14

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Agreed, I cannot see rockertunities using client at all. Effects visible on NXT should be visible to those of us using client as well. Please make the game equal to all players, thanks.

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Still having much trouble spotting rockertunities, pretty much everywhere, with the exception of the dark animica mine at the digsite. The bane site in Freminnik is okay, if I have on the eclipse skybox and have a weird camera angle. But what a pain to have to keep trying all the different skyboxes, filters and camera angles at each different site, and still be unable to see the rockertunities. Heaven forbid that the mining area is crowded with players and lava titans and pets, or if someone is wearing/wielding something that sparkles or smokes. And yes, I am playing in high definition, with particles on, and even have tried wearing my granny's reading glasses. Doesn't help.

Surely this can't be a difficult problem to fix?

08-Feb-2019 21:48:47

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For me, it's hit or miss. Easy to see at dark animica in the throne room. Hard to see at light animica in the desert. Sometimes I think it would be better to have a mining symbol hover over the rock, similar to the skilling speech bubble symbol. It could slowly rotate to catch our attention without being annoying.

Off topic ... anyone know why they chose "rockertunity" instead of "oreportunity"? The latter seems a more direct play on the word opportunity.

08-Feb-2019 23:06:04

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