Boxing Day / Dec 26th CC Party

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Augury Tank
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Augury Tank

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Hey all, Happy Christmas!

Christmas is a great time of year for a lot around the world, but some people may find themselves alone around this period... so this is a shout out to all those that will be playing the game on the 26th decemeber, who may for whatever reason have no plans for that day with family/friends and intend on playing rs, to join a cc full of other people who are in the same boat!

I understand a lot of people may find this funny, poke at it and laugh and go look at this loner, but due to bad luck I had to cancel my 26th dec/boxing day plans this year.

The CC will be open, and i'll mod people up to help free flowing chat, with racism, spamming and rule breaking chat resulting in a ban from the cc.

It'll be the afternoon GMT time, and all are welcome, regardless of level/clan/background.

You don't have to be alone at this time of year, so why not be in a CC with other people that have a great interest in Runescape?

For those thinking of joining the cc on the 26th, see you there!

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24-Dec-2018 13:25:23

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