Patch Notes - 07/01

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Roddy Piper said:
I gotta give credit where it is due. This is an excellent update. The balance between AFK and paying attention is great. I can also make useful things. I really enjoyed making the elder pick and ore box. Now I am going to make a set of the armor. No matter how long it takes.

Only problem is you now need to do a WC/fletching update to match this. :P

On an unrelated note, can you guys somehow open a billing office in the US? You don't even need people to run it, just a computer with a mailing address. It is a bit silly that I need to explain to the bankers that you are a legit company who aren't trying to steal my money. After all these years. Hopefully I will get this sorted but I don't really want to ask for permission every time I try to pay for this game.

And the game cards are NOWHERE to be found. I am currently staying in the remote mountains of Pennsylvania and the only thing of note here is a groundhog who is to blame for never-ending winters.

My bank charges like 50 cents because Jagex is across the Atlantic. Can we pay in Bitcoin? :D
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12-Jan-2019 04:30:46



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As a f2p scrub I've grown attached to my full zamorak armour due to it being the best i could wear for a very long time now.

I was wondering if we're going to be able to upgrade god armour in a later patch
Or am i going to have to ditch it for the less cool rune pate +3
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13-Jan-2019 18:59:46

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