Patch Notes - 07/10

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Great Ruler5
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Great Ruler5

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"The ability to keybind 'Area loot' has been added. In-game, head to Settings interface then Controls tab to set a keybind for this feature."

Would it be possible to make this so you can add it to an action bar? Like the area loot button from the Loot Tab be able to be dragged to an action bar like the different lodestone teleports etc.

07-Oct-2019 23:57:03

Mistah Vince
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Mistah Vince

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"We've now removed the additional prayer buffs when a combat boosting prayer or curse was active that provided the benefits of other prayers. These include the T95 and T99 curse prayers. These detailed benefits can be found in the Active Prayer interface."

What does this mean, exactly?

08-Oct-2019 07:12:23

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Thank you ssssssoooooooooooo much for the Telos update for colorblind people, but i have a few extra possible places that you can work on.

1. Hard Mode Twin Furies
2. Vorago for Teamsplit
3. ROTS for Verac
4. Yakamaru for poison tank (I actually tell my teams never to put me as pt for this reason)
5. Verak Lith's poison / shock / ice ball special (ED2)
6. Kalphite King's insta-kill
7. Solak's spec in P1, start of phase and after roots spec (had to quit attempting Solak because of this)

Note : I know you can edit the colors with the interface, but you must be in the fight, to adjust and know what color it is, which is pretty useless as you can't pause the game for make that change.
and just trying to get better at pvm'ing in the game without having to 4taa magic/range or 5taa melee anytype of pvm to be invited into kills.

08-Oct-2019 07:32:06 - Last edited on 08-Oct-2019 07:33:14 by Tryedge1

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I feel like I've been taking more damage from POD capsarii since Monday's update. The wiki has their accuracy listed as 1694, but my calculations based on their hitchance listed from the "Monster Stats" spell suggests its >2000. Did they get a stealth accuracy buff?

09-Oct-2019 19:53:17

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