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Hello Airazor,

Impressive work leveling up so far on F2PI am also a pure F2P player who's a bit of a completionist (purifying nexus, finishing all F2P quests, collecting battle robes, etc.), although my levels aren't close to 99s.

However, I do make an effort to collect all of the F2P songs that become available, but I only have 413 at the moment. I am wondering how you got the Citadel and Occulo music tracks, as well as those other member songs. Besides 'Background' which became unavailable once they got rid of the beekeeper, I didn't think that I had ever missed a song. Did you have to go somewhere or do something to get the ones mentioned above?

Thanks! And good luck with the last new things (including the newly free Broken Home hard mode.. that looks as if it'll be a challenge)
Soli Deo Gloria

05-Nov-2017 01:29:04

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