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Hey guys, today is my 16th day playing Runescape, after a several year hiatus (used to play before Dungeoneering came out) I have a lot of time I'm able to dedicate every day, so I have been making some awesome gains over these past two weeks. I also stream most of what I do daily, if you ever want to pop in, see the gains, or chat. ( Gonna be fun working towards these goals from a fresh account. =D



100 followers on twitch: COMPLETED! Day 15!

200 followers on twitch:


1000 Total Levels: COMPLETE! Day 10!

1250 Total Levels: COMPLETE! Day 18!

1500 Total Levels: COMPLETE! Day 41!

1750 Total Levels:

2000 Total Levels:

10m total XP: COMPLETED! Day 14!

20m Total XP: COMPLETED! Day 20!

30m Total XP:

99 Firemaking: COMPLETED! Day 20!

85 herblore: 72 (currently)


Fire cape:

lvl 100 Combat: COMPLETED! DAY 13!

100m GP cash stack: COMPLETED! DAY 15!

Survive GWD1 with friends!: COMPLETE! DAY 9!

Survive GWD2 with Friends!:

Unlock Ancient Magicks:

Full Gorajan Set: COMPLETED! DAY 21! (Furnished)


I'll add more goals as I see fit, and as I complete them, thanks guys!

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