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Haya RuneScaper!

I want to share with you my current goal on RuneScape Old School. It is to get 99 Mining, I can make money and have a nice 99 skill cape. It would be my first one. Currently 78 (151k till 79). I do the Motherlode mine, I think this is the best way to grind up that skill. If you think you have another methode who is better than mine, feel free to tell it to me.

-Day 1- Ore -

Coal: 330
Gold: 168
Mithril: 175
Adamantite: 54

-Day 1 - Total Exp-

Total Exp: 1,647,301

More to come in few hours. Still not finish my mining period today.


TooSwiift, :)

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Good luck

If you want an alternate method:

You could try Powermining Granite in the Western desert mining site south of the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Desert
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