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Update 4: I AM DONE! Start March 1 2013 finish on 2 August 2013. From 1 March to 8 April I play 22 hour days/7 day weeks to keep you updated with posts, but on 8 April Jagex disables posting for free play players so I scale playtime back to 20 hour days 7 day weeks. While slower this allowed me to finish my goal in only a little more time.

Thank you all so very much for the support, I am now going outside. I enjoy fishing so I will do that for a while as I live near some very nice lakes and rivers!

In some time I will go for 200 million experience points in the deforestation skill as I find it relatively easy to click one pixel for long periods of time

Again, thank you so much for support!

Update 3: Just hit right around the 10% mark of my goal! 17 March 2013

Hey everyone! Just a quick update - Jake and Richard, ranks 2 and 9 respectively on the overall high-scores (wow!!!) have so very kindly volunteered to write me an entirely new set of responses, written in perfect English.

I can't express how thankful I am and really appreciate their coming together to help me out!

I can't forget those of you who have wholeheartedly supported me on my quest, and to those of you in that category I sincerely thank you.

As always,

hello friends

i have begin my goal of cutting 73000 yew logs to meet my woodcutting level goal of 99

this thread is for my record keeping, so do not feel need to post .

bye for now


frequent ask Andrew ,

andrew why post so much ?
i am wanting to keep close calculation about my progress

andrew why not use notekeeping ?
i am not always on same pc computer

andrew why post same thing ?
friend helps me construct posts because of not so good English speaking , he is not with me always hehe we are not brother so reuse some old post i know are good English .

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Title changed as requested on Forum Help. Good luck with your goal! :)
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