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Mr Meowstic

Mr Meowstic

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So with all the neat updates that happened to the Wilderness in recent times, I have pondered the idea of having an Ironman account that relies on the Wilderness. I have a set of basic rules I am working on, but I could use some help! On this first post I'll have currently confirmed rules to my self-proposed challenge and on the second page, I have a questionnaire. Just mark [x] to rules you feel to be acceptable! If it's left blank i'll assume you said no. If there any another questions you may have, feel free to ask!

The currently confirmed rules are the following:
- There are skill requirements that will be obtained prior to starting
- I will be able to get the bare basics on my toolbelts (no better than bronze)
- I will have to clear my entire bank once I am ready to start
- I will only be able to bank and skill in the wilderness bar some very specific situations
- Abyssal runecrafting is allowed.
- Skulling myself with Mr. Ex is allowed
- Taking slayer contracts from Erskine is allowed
- Turning in artifacts from revenants is allowed
- Wilderness Diaries are allowed

26-Oct-2016 05:49:42

Mr Meowstic

Mr Meowstic

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This is a list of pending rules for my challenge. If you could Copy/Paste the text below and check off [x] rules you think should be allowed, it will help me decide on a final rule list! If you do not check off an answer, i'll assume it's no.

[] Should banking at the Mage Arena be allowed?
[] Should quests be allowed?
[] If yes to above, should it have further restrictions? (explain if yes.)
[] Should acheivements aside from the wilderness be allowed?
[] Should construction be allowed?
[] If yes to above, should I be able to chop wood for teak/mahogany outside of the wilderness?
[] Should dungeoneering be allowed?
[] If yes to above, should it have further restrictions? (explain if yes.)
[] Should Wicked Hood be allowed?
[] Should Bare Handed Fishing be allowed?
[] Should I be able to train Agility outside of Edgeville Dungeon before the Wilderness Arena?
[] Can I get Flax and Feathers? (otherwise, no fletching allowed.)
[] Can I get wool? (otherwise, no amulet crafting.)
[] Can I get glass? (to add to battlestaves)
[] Can I upgrade Battle Staves to Mystic staves outside of the Wilderness?
[] Should I get 15 smithing prior to starting? (otherwise, I have to grind zombies.)
[] Should farming outside of the wilderness be allowed? (Otherwise, flowers and herbs only.)
[] Should slayer tasks be allowed? (otherwise Erskine contracts only.
[] Should summoning be allowed?
[] If yes to above, should there be further restrictions? (explain if yes.)
[] Should Anti-Dragon shield be allowed? (otherwise, must rely on prayer)
[] Should Warbands be allowed?

26-Oct-2016 05:49:55

Wild Austin

Wild Austin

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I debated not replying to this list so it wouldn't get bumped. And obviously you realize what you are proposing is all stupid, because no one even gave you the recognition to respond. BUT as a rs2 wilderness dependent "ironman" account, you have to only use wilderness... So you can't do most skills: no hunter, rc, construction, slayer, herb, crafting, mining, agility, farming. This mode already exists and you are proposing just someone who likes to chill in the wild occasionally... There are two ways to currently play: wilderness ironman account, which is simply never allowed to leave wilderness (or edgeville bank for f2p) OR wilderness dependent accounts (not ironman, so they can pk and loot peoples items). The thing is just simply training in the wild gets boring as an ironman when you can't kill people. so most people do wilderness dependent accounts (which most are experienced pkers).

I was f2p back in 2004 when I made this "wild" account, so when I came back to osrs I didn't stick to wilderness dependent, because members wilderness is completely foreign to me (ancients magers, dragon daggers specials, random lvl 500 bosses walking around, etc....)

I would love to make a hardcore wilderness dependent account in f2p though.

01-Nov-2016 16:44:47

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