[COMP] What to do First/Last?

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I have been thinking of going for comp, currently 27/70 since I've been gone for a while.

If you have any input what I should do First/Last It'd be great, here's how I mean it:

FIRST: Anything Quick, to get it out of the way
LAST: Anything that takes Long/a lot of concentration.

For Fast, I've done:
- The Arc Miniquests
- What else?

For Long/Last:
- Master all Skills
- Livid Farm
- T10 Menaphos Reputation
- Quests
- Music

Thanks a lot!

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Make sure you do ports daily, I think that's the only time locked content for comp.

Reaper is the biggest pain in the ass, if you've got that done, you're in good shape.

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