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Hi JoshuaACasey,

Welcome back to the game!

You're off to a really good start. Take time to really enjoy the game. I notice you're in a clan so chat with clanmates and friends while skilling and the time will fly, and you'll level before you realise it, and it will be more fun. Doing a little of everything rather than grinding will also help you from being bored and will help keep you motivated. It's a game so have fun with it and that will also help you keep motivated.

There's a lot of new updates in the last six years which might be a little overwhelming at first, so ask questions for things you haven't experienced yet. There's a lot of ingame initiatives now that makes the game less tedius than before, and things are so much easier now, and there's bonuses you can achieve, and items in the game that can help you to skill, achieve your goals, and boss more efficiently.

Account Security has been upgraded over the years so also ensure your account is secure with a bank pin and the Authenticator. Click on the link in my Signature if you need to know more about authenticator or account security.
Best of luck in reaching your goals.
You can do it!
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20-Oct-2016 04:28:05

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