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Hello everyone

Version 4 was authored by me. (28 August 2014)
Version 3 was authored by me. (June 2014)
Version 2 was authored by me. (April 2014)
The original was authored by A Kind Smile. (Jan 2013)

Here's how we do what we do on this thread

Alter one letter, that is, add / remove / change one letter from the word posted by the user above you and make a new word.

Rules :

• Please use words only from the English Vocabulary.

• You may post only one word per post.

• You can add, remove or replace one letter from the word posted by the user above you.

• You have to wait till another user posts a word before you post again.

• Making a new word by altering a letter, which only changes the tense of the word is accepted.

For example,
Player 1 : Find
Player 2 : Finds

• If any player does not follow the rules mentioned here, just ignore their post and continue with the previous player’s post.

• If you are looking up whether or not something is a 'real' word, please use a standard dictionary (online or paper) rather than an urban slang one.

* If I am not able to re-make this thread within a week of it maxxing, Autumn Star/Estrella may re-make it.
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