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Still here, still reading. Still waiting? Who knows.

*The Pata*** 3 Gig*ntus theme plays quietly in the background*

(who knew, the forums still block some stuff for no reason. I'm sure you can fill in the gaps)

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Wayne, should you want to try a duel, I would be glad to, though I find that the main thing that's been preventing Forum Fight from being as it once was is the lack of development. Not much has changed, because why would it, we have all found our places, and as such most of us have moved on to other characters.

I must be one of the few veterans who hasn't made a new character, just additions to the story...

All the same, if I were to duel as M1, the story would be the same, as it sadly always is. I think I would prefer it if I used a different character, like Cannon, or even one of the Pata***s. Having a character of less well defined strengths would allow for some flexibility, some change.

M1's character has started to suffer from stagnation, as any character that literally represents something like Balance would be fated to. That is not to say I'm making a new one, no. M1 will always be 'Me:' but change is essential to keeping this thread enjoyable to participate in*

**;dr I would duel anyone, but not as M1, not this time.

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Sorry for being away for a few days. Employment can drain one's mind under the right (wrong) circumstances.

Wayne, I'd be good to duel now, you want to duel M1, Cannon, or Everyone?

(M1 is the classic, Cannon's the change-up, and Everyone is for-the-lulz)

Or perhaps some other character?

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Me: Alright, Wayne, I think it has been far too long since I last had a duel, but it's been even longer since Cannon has, so-

*I hear someone off to my left shout 'Wait!'. I look to the source of the interruption, to see Everyone, of all people, running to me, his right hand in the air, desperately trying to gesture for me to listen to him. He stops a few yards from me, clearly out of breath*

Everyone: Wait...

*I notice that he has his sword on his belt and his shield in his left hand. It looks like he decided to keep them*

Me: Ah, Everyone! It's been a while! What's up?

Everyone: I... I want to duel him.

*A slight mixture of confusion and intrigue spreads across my face*

Me: Why? I thought you wanted to stay out of combat.

Everyone: I did, but you know how I am. People just keep attacking me, people I don't even know. I've died and come back so many times, I just want it to stop. But I can't do that if I don't know how to defend myself, so I've been practising when I can, but there's only so much I can learn from wooden targets. I want to learn properly, like you did.

Me: Hmm... Very well, but you will need a bit more than just your sword and shield. Firstly, you aren't even wearing armour.

Everyone: What? Oh, right. Yeah. I don't have any.

Me: Hold on just a moment. Cannon, get Everyone some armour that can suit his... abilities. And a couple of other weapons, too, he may turn out to be better with something different to just a regular straight sword.

Cannon: Will do. *Teleports away*

Me: Now then, take this.

*I hand Everyone a copy of my Portal Device*

Me: Should you ever find yourself teleport out during the duel, you can use this to return. Keep it, so that if you find yourself in front of someone you can't beat, you can at least escape.

Everyone: Wow, thank you!

*Cannon teleports back with a few sets of standard armours, weapons, and even a couple of shields*

Cannon: There, anything you could want.


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*Everyone appears stunned for a few seconds at the options before him. He starts by examining the choices of armours, displayed on some armour stands. He feels the weights of them, the flexibility, before choosing to wear a set of leather armour, reinforced in most places with steel, without reducing the flexibility it offers any more than the weight of the metal itself*

Me: Want to be able to move around quickly, then.

Everyone: Well, I'd rather not get hit at all, instead of relying on armour to make being hit not kill me on the spot.

Me: Fair enough.

*Everyone then takes a look at the shields, comparing them to his own. His is wooden, with steel along the edge and at the centre, to guard the hand behind it. Some of these other shields are smaller, some a lot larger. Wooden, metal, flat, rounded, all sorts of designs.*

Everyone: Well, I don't want a shield that's too heavy, but large enough to block or deflect.

Me: The shields with the round protrusions can deflect a lot easier, but they need to be metal. Wooden shields like yours can block well, and the wood can catch blades that dig too deep into them, but obviously that starts to break the shield apart.

*Everyone picks up a buckler, then picks up a slightly larger rounded shield. It's a little smaller than his wooden one, and a bit heavier due to the metal, but he appears to like the way it moves when he makes deflecting motions with it.*

*He then turns to the weapons. Immediately disregarding the heavy weapons, he tries a few swings and stabs with a few different weapons. A curved sword, a rapier, an axe, a mace, even a spear. But ultimately it seems like he prefers his own longsword over them all.*

*He then looks at the ranged weapons. He decides on a compound bow, and even decides to carry a revolver*

Everyone: *smiling* Just in case I find someone a bit too strong. *holsters the revolver*


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Me: Now, I should point out, all of these weapons and armours aren't special in any way, they don't have any secret hidden powers or abilities. Your opponents will.

Everyone: I know. I don't have any 'powers' either, at least, none I control. It's better that my equipment reflects myself. Same as yours does.

Me: Indeed. Now, go and see what you can learn!

*Everyone holds up the Portal Device I gave him, looking at it for a second before teleporting down into The Arena, close to Wayne*

Everyone: So, you don't mind training me as you duel me, right? I'll give this everything I've got, I promise.

*Everyone puts the Portal Device away and draws his longsword, settling into a guarding stance*

I figured that it would be a good idea to switch things up by using Everyone, a well known character despite not really doing all that much. It also allows for something different, which is the exact sort of thing I think FF needs.

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Good luck with exams, Duncan.

Also, an epic fight? Somehow I doubt it. Forum Fight has become... stagnant, for us veterans, it seems. The way that the thread has turned from how it was years ago seems to prove that.

Not that I mind. Things have changed for me too, and I find I have less time than before.

May the new players come and enjoy this thread as we once did.

15-May-2015 20:56:54



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Just letting you know I'm still here.

Unfortunately, it seems that my old characters have an awkward persistence about them. While others have made new characters for new situations, I've always followed the trend of stagnation to a fault. Can you blame me though? Someone has to balance out the old and the new.

Also, i've been reading Game of Thrones. Started the most recent book two nights ago. Figured at least one of you would be interested to know that I now understand the meaning of 'Valar Morghulis'.

'Val*r Dohaeris.'

[I note the forums' language filter still does not fully work*

Perhaps a new character is due. Or is my natural state better to maintain? To oversee events, to serve as a protector of the Balance? Choices, choices...

Oh, and the steam summer sale. Praise Gaben.

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*As Mad Guy and Duncan return to the Arena, they see me sparring with Everyone. It looks like I'm trying to teach him to defend himself some more, although it is obvious that I'm slowing down my movements to a relative crawl just to make it possible for Everyone to keep up*

Me: *Turning to face Duncan and Mad Guy* Oh, back so soon?

Everyone: *Heavy breathing* Oh hey, can we take a break for a second, I'm getting tired.

Me: No, Everyone, your enemies won't just stop attacking you because you're tired, they'll just attack even more! You need to keep going until you can barely move at all, that's the only way to get better. When you can't lift your sword any more, that's when we take a break.

*I continue to train Everyone one-handed while continuing to talk to Duncan and Mad Guy*

Me: So, how was the fight?

20-Nov-2015 12:11:48



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Hey guys, Master 1 here.

As you can tell, I changed my name. Long story made short, I wanted a name that wasn't primarily numbers, and suited me better. Vahlok means 'Guardian' in the dragon language of The Elder Scrolls. Would have gone for something to do with balance, but that is 'Ro', which is a short word and hard to fit in a 12 character limit without it looking weird.

Also I had a D&D Character named Vahlok SeReyliik (literally Guardian of Heritage) and I really liked that name.

So anyway, I'm not properly returning to Forum Fight, I just wanted anyone who remembers me to know that I'm a little different in username now.

Thanks for your time reading this,

2501ad2501, aka Master 1, aka The Absolute of Balance, aka Vahlok.

Edit 1: It was an honour to play this wonderful Forum Game with all of you, those still here and those who departed and won't read this but I don't mind. It was a shame that over the course of time that we ran out of ideas, stories, and ultimately, new things to do. All good things must come to an end, so they say, and I shall always remember the days of my college years, visiting this very forum each day to check up on things, coming up with new weapons, finishing moves, and following the flow of the many adventures we had. Thank you all.

Edit 2: I know referencing another game is a kinda taboo for an mmo game's forum, but any admins reading this post, this is a very sentimental matter so please show mercy in this case.

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(Totally tempted to join in as Cannon now...)

*Blue appears, about to slap me for wasting post space*

M1's Real Mortal: Wait, Blue, hold on. Not done here yet.

*Blue floats around, waiting*

Just wanted to remind people that Cannon's origin is indeed the Dwarven Multicannon, but of course, he does have a human form now. Would make it easier for him to blend in, if it weren't for his steel-grey hair and eyes...

*Blue disappears, satisfied with my addition*

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(Somewhere in Keldagrim)

A man with steel-grey hair and eyes sits at a table, drinking from a glass. Being of human size, its a bit of an awkward seating arrangement, but its the best he could get. His Master never considered giving him a resizing ability, nor did he need it. He had spent so long with only two forms, and now he was alone. He thinks over the events that led to his arrival in Keldagrim.

'Our time has come, the Absolutes must step aside for a new generation' said Master 1, the Absolute of Balance, 'and so to protect what we have established, I am leaving you in charge of your own life.'

Cannon never truly understood what this meant. He was always independent, wasn't he? He knew of the Real Mortals, but their guidance and Master 1's instruction were never true orders, as far as he could tell at least. Cannon always used his own wisdom to think of solutions to problems, and M1 often encouraged this.

Now he understood. His Master was gone, and the world was changing, if slightly. Following M1's last words to him, he sought out his past, learning of the Dwarven Multicannons from which he originated. These early mechanical weapons were so different, he thought, just how much do I truly relate to these things?

He knew that some people would remember him, he knew some people would come to try to steal the power of Paradox, or even Balance, from him. He had some Balance power, of course, but nowhere close to M1. Nonetheless, he still had the power to teleport between worlds, not that he could do it too often any more. He wanted to stay in his home world, and for the first time in his life, he felt as though he was choosing his own path.

He was even drinking Dwarven ale. He doesn't even process alcohol, he just wanted to try it.

Freedom is an odd thing indeed, he thought as he finished his glass and ordered another.

07-Jun-2017 19:54:31



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Cannon smiles into his drink. It was good to know he wasn't known to the guards at the very least, but to hear that the prototype cannon storage was unguarded...

'It's a trap, obviously', he thought to himself, 'but nonetheless, its a trap that no-one has necessarily set up themselves. Just a series of circumstances leading to an inevitable confrontation with whoever's after me. Analysing...'

Cannon appears to stop motionless for a while, before snapping back to normal, shaking his head a little. His mind is decided. He's going to take advantage of the opportunity to get a close-up look at the old prototypes while he can, anyone or anything that tries to ambush him will have to hope it's strong enough, because he'll be keeping an eye out for any possible presence.

Cannon pays for his drinks, and heads out.

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Cannon enters the prototype multicannon storage room and starts by scanning the area, stopping for a second when the loud noise and vibrations start.

'Clear, for now' Cannon says to himself, moving over to a table that is piled high with paperwork. 'Now, lets see if there's anything these Dwarves have been keeping from me...'

Cannon starts searching through the pile of papers, appearing to look at them far too quickly to read anything, but he is actually scanning them and processing the files at speed, inadvertently distracting himself somewhat.

16-Jun-2017 19:45:50

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