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Hi there, and welcome to "What Greek God/Goddess are YOU?". Here, you shall find out what the question asks. On top of that, you will found out what they are the God/Goddess of.

Now, this is how it works. You simply post, saying whatever you want. Then, you check the number of seconds on your post. Using that, you find the number here on the chart.

Since that is all over, here is the chart. :)

01- Artemis
02- Dionysus
03- Hades
04- Poseidon
05- Hera
06- Athena
07- Hermes
08- Zeus
09- Demeter
10- Hephaestus
11- Nyx
12- Uranus
13- Helios
14- Selene
15- Apollo
16- Perses
17- Aura
18- Eos
19- Astraios
20- Gaia/Gaea
21- Iris
22- Ananke
23- Erebos
24- Ourea
25- Plutus
26- Hestia
27- Carmanor
28- Aphrodite
29- Ares
30- Horae
31- Karpo
32- Eunomia
33- Corymbus
34- Herse
35- Hemera
36- Arke
37- Boreas
38- Eurus
39- Notus
40- Zephyrus
41- Aeolus
42- Thoosa
43- Epimetheus
44- Theia
45- Phoebe
46- Mnemosyne
47- Hyperion
48- Iapetos
49- Themis
50- Aether
51- Nesoi
52- Chrono*
53- Phanes
54- Tethys
55- Menoitios
56- Leto
57- Pallas
58- Metis
59- Lelantos
00- Kronos

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Sora Blue

Sora Blue

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The Gods:
(note: some are Titans because there were not enough Gods...)

Artemis: Goddess of the hunt
Dionysus: God of wine and theatre
Hades: King of the underworld
Poseidon: God of the sea and earthquakes
Hera: Goddess of marriage,women and birth
Athena: Goddess of wisdom
Hermes: God of commerce. messenger of the other gods.
Zeus: God of the sky and law,order and justice
Demeter: Goddess of the earth, agriculture and harvests
Hephaestus: God of technology and volcanoes
Nyx: Goddess of the night
Uranus: God of the heavens
Helios: Titan of the sun
Selene: Goddess of the moon
Apollo: God of music,poetry,plagues,medicine,E.T.C
Perses: Titan of destruction
Aura: Goddess of the breeze
Eos: Goddess of the dawn
Astraios: Titan-god of the dusk
Gaia: Goddess/being of the earth
Iris: Personification of rainbows,messenger of gods.
Ananke: Goddess of destiny
Erebos: Personification of darkness and shadows
Ourea: Gods of mountains
****us: God of wealth
Hestia: Goddess of hearth
Carmanor: Demi-god related to harvest
Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty
Ares: God of war
Horae: Goddesses of season
Karpo: Goddess of nature
Eunomia: Goddess of law
Corymbus: God of fruit
Herse: Goddess of the dew
Hemera: Goddess of daytime
Arke: Messenger of titans
Boreas: God of the north wind
Eurus: God of the unlucky east or southeast wind
Notus: God of the south wind
Zephyrus: God of the west wind
Aeolus: God of the winds
Thoosa: Goddess of swift currents
Epimetheus: Titan of afterthought
Theia: Titan of sight
Phoebe: Titan associated with Moon
Mnemosyne: Titan of Memory
Hyperion: Titan of light
Iapetos: Titan/God of Mortality
Themis: Titan of divine law
Aether: Primeval god of the upper air
Nesoi: Goddesses of islands
Chronos: God of time
Phanes: God of procreation
Tethys: Mother of rivers,streams.E.T.C
Menoitios: Titan of anger
Leto: Titan of motherhood
Pallas: Titan of warcraft
Metis: Titan of good counsil
Lelantos: Titan of air
Kronos: Leader of the titan

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