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Eye Of Ender

Eye Of Ender

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this was already copyd for a thread i posted on earlier lol.

EDIT:Wow there is alot there it took me quarter of an hour to read all the way through, and i must say it's VERY well witten! :) And i agree on almost everything, the mods, the built-in client tools, the audiance, the quests and specially the part about running all over the map for things that some random person asked you to get.
The part i found most intresting was the age thing, i think parts of the game could be made more mature for people, after all the most common age for people to play is 13+ right? So why are so many words censored? Why was the blood removed? Why is so much of runescape `safe` It needs more detail like blood, it's set in medieval times and thats how it was back then. Though i do know that it wasn't ment to be 100% accurate.

Also the forum part of your thread, or the mod part to be more specific. They DO lock and hide too many threads and if the thread creator makes a totaly stupid thread then it's his/her fault if their flamed, by hiding posts mods are making people feel it's OK to make all kinds of stupid posts, and i've seen alot of times mods locking perfectly good threads for what seems like no reason atall. Alot of the time if they lock a good thread (i mean one thats actully been thought through) they wouldn't have read no more then the first line before hiding the majority of the posts and putting in a copy/paste response dictating the `forum's specific rules` :@
And lastly, the thing i support on this thread THE MOST is the improved client, if you can call it that because all i see it as is a web brower that has runescape as it's home page. It should be changed and tools would make runescape alot more fun and easier, it also lets jagex decide what is considerd as `a unfair advantage` (And yes i stole that from the posts above me :P) It'd be great to have a calculater and something like Tfiws ***iws (also stolen from the thread maker's post) :P Sorry.
~Bhoy660~ :)

27-Mar-2009 04:09:01

Jo Anne
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Jo Anne

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~every j-mod/fmod that answers gets a free cookie =]~
how is your day so far?
what stat are you training?
whats up?
-jmod question-what do you think is best part of being a jagex mod?
-fmod question- what do you think is best part about being a forum mod?
who would you say your favorite j-mod would be?

I was answering questions in another thread. :P

27-Mar-2009 04:41:04



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Bhoy660, I must say that was impressive lol, do you have the qfc for that thread? I'd like to check it out :).
Also, I use swiftkit as my client. Contrary to popular belief it Isn't against Jagex's rules, they just aren't fond of the software.

28-Mar-2009 07:35:43

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