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Your enthusiasm for forum games is appreciated, but you gravebumped a dead thread. The reality is that this thread has been inactive since December 2013 (approx 1 year and half) and had little traffic prior to that.

Gravebumping dead threads pushes legitimate threads off the first pages.

Please note what a few J-Mods has stated regarding gravebumped threads:

Mod Infinity said:
It's difficult to define, but I'd apply common sense to the situation really. If it's majorly out of date, or it's been months since the thread has been posted on, I'd avoid making a post on the thread.

Mod Neena said:
It does look like she's listed the evidence pretty clearly. I can imagine what it's like, you're browsing through the forums and see something that no one has commented/posted on in a while and decide to post. Sadly, she has a point. Maybe you should either try and play the games that are a little more active or wait till they disappear and come up with a better game to make it more engaging?

[Name removed] - Thanks for posting but it looks like this F-mod was following procedure. Grave-bumping isn't something that we encourage.

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