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I want to do a game called 15 to 1

It's a quiz game where 15 players test there knowledge on Runescape to show how clever they are on the game

Each contestant starts with 3 lives (3 green lights)

You lose a life for every wrong answer

Correct answers maintains your lives
You can NEVER regain any lost lives
Lose all 3 lives and Elimination

The game is divided into 3 rounds

Round 1: Each contestant answers 2 questions, both wrong (1 life 1st time & 2 the second time) means elimination whilst one correct answer means they survive that round.

Round 2: Nomination. A contestant will face a question, a wrong answer will lose 1 life and the next contestant will face the next question BUT a correct answer and they can nominate another player that will face the next question.

If that player gets it wrong then they lose 1 life and the choice goes back to the player that last got the question right and can decide again who faces the next question BUT if they get it right then they get the right to choose who faces the next question.

It keeps going until there are 3 people left for the final.

Round 3: The Final. (40 questions)

The contestants each get 3 new lives and it's on the buzzer. If they know the question they say "I" and I stop and they can answer.

10 points for every correct answer
1 life deducted for every wrong answer
3 lives gone - elimination and your score is gone

2 ways they can win
1. The remaining two players lose there two lives (10 points can be a winning score as can 400)
2. They score the most points

The winner will be added to the finals board. Were the 15 highest scoring winners will take part in the Grand final in a few weeks to be in with a chance to win something big

Daily winner: 100,000gp
1st of the table: 2,500,000gp
Grand final champion: 10,000,000gp

If you think you have the brains, feel free to join my clan.

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This is 100% legit and isn't a scam in anyway as I'm not that sort of person. I want to help and reward people :)

If you think you have the brains then feel free to join my clan (Name to the left) and say 15 to 1 and you're added until we have the 15 people.

You can take part as many times as you wish but if you won a daily show you CANNOT take part until the grand final (if your score is high enough)

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