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Welcome to the RuneScape Screenies Thread! ^_^

Got a fun screenie? Got a cool drop? Want to show off your skills? You've come to the right place! An update to the forum today means we can now post pictures. Here in this thread you can share your RuneScape screenies with everyone :D

Please make sure your screenshots are appropriate and follow the Code of Conduct

If you're aren't sure how to go about posting images, there's a handy guide below:

Mod Lyon said:
Step-by-step guide
Step 1) Find an image you'd like to use on imgur (
Step 2) Right-click the image and select "Open image in new tab" (
Step 3) Edit the URL to be the image code and file extension (ZXVlev9.jpg)
Step 4) Come to the forums and hit the Imgur button (little picture)
Step 5) Enter the image code and file extension ()
Step 6) Enter some text into your post (this is a requirement with all BBCode)
Step 7) Submit your post
Step 8) Enjoy!

Please note: If images seemingly aren't working for you - try disabling your ad-blocker on We no longer serve adverts on the RuneScape website (anywhere!) so its unnecessary anyway :)

Have fun! ^_^

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Gotta post a pure nostalgia pic:


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When I met Zezima in 2013, during the Lumbridge rebuilding event after the Battle of Lumbridge.

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That awkward moment when Zezima found himself in my FC for Fast SC and he was on my friendslist still...after all these years...

(Yes, my name prior to this was "Dead Time";) )

(No, I was never on his friends list, although we had become acquainted with one another on FO many years ago, when I was using yet another different name...)

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