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i don't know whats gotten into your head
dropping those ryhmes and think you beat me like i'm dead
dissing me like that made my face go red
i hope you take back what you said
i may be a f2per
but soon ill be a p2per
im tryna get my skills up then ill be a crazy pker
dragon slayer
and im not a rapper either
uhhhhhhhhhhhh get rek*
-18 Pure Dig out

"The pizza is aggressive"- Jimmy Neutron 2013

28-Oct-2015 00:33:10

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18 Pure Dig, why are you so thick in the head?
Did you not read the second line that I said?
I wasn't trying to hate on you,
I think it's fine, regardless of what you do
But you've now waged war with a bad rapper
there's no telling what i'll be throwing atcha
First of all, your name is wack
18 Pure Dig?
What the heck is that!
It sounds like a Runescape generated name
a real eye sore
fading into pain
as regret settles in,
you're wondering why,
"why the heck did I hate on this guy"
Cause you're damn right,
you're spittin' game, i bring hell to you now
you're red in the face, but you rang the bell and unleashed the beast inside
You're just another F2P'er, i'm done wasting my time.
Its your turn now, but I question why you would even try.
Go ahead, here's the mic
Just don't choke, cause ya might
But before you say word just remember the name DiBz
and you spell it with an i.
-drops the mic and walks away-


28-Oct-2015 22:39:13

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You would go through the trouble of writing rap lyrics down against a free styling bad rapper?
That's a new low. It's a shame you couldn't find them though
Cause I was just getting started
Had barely picked my brain for all the rhymes that I had in mind
but oh well, would you look at the time
it's half past nine
having beef stroganoff for dinner
rather hungry
looking thinner
but let me drop you before I go eat
fresh meat
Don't have anything to say?
How about "DiBz, you look alil ***"
Nothing at all?
That's a little lame.
Hope to hear from you soon though
Cause tis was fun
I hope I didn't hurt your feelings, son

-drops the mic and walks away-


10-Nov-2015 00:50:39

Flame Bishop

Flame Bishop

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hey! have you actually seen a player named Gwachero before? I think it may have been my long lost friend I used to play with years ago. I stopped play for a long time. :( i've thought of continuing the game but it's lonely. My usernames are Flame Bishop, Puro Furza, and Yay Pure Yay. My friend told me his based his username off of an actual bird called Guacharo, or commonly called the Oil birds.

23-Sep-2016 00:50:12



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Check out those 2 dot bumps , tryna keep this thread from dyin'

If it wasn't made for chumps there might be more real rappers replyin'

After I'm finished in these dumps there'll be no sense in even tryin'

Mess with me you'll get stumped up so you'd better start complyin'

Denial from inferior beings, this here's survival of the fittest,

Step up to me as high as ceilings and you might just make my shitlist.

1 minute bars have hurt your feelings, don't claim that I'm fictitious,

Or you'll learn real quick what hurt feels like, I'll make you look like bitches

10-Feb-2017 02:30:13 - Last edited on 10-Feb-2017 02:31:18 by Goti

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Look at this guy, tryna revive this thread
Better spam that shark, cause you're already dead

Weaker than a skiller, that's who you be
I know you can't fight, you're still level 3

Now get out of here and don't come back, Goti
Or I'll have to wreck ya in the wildy like B0aty

20-Apr-2017 21:35:09

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