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W1ld Sp1r1t

W1ld Sp1r1t

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Simple game if you like r3 more subtract one if you like old school more add one.

1.)Whoever reaches 50/-50 wins
2.)We will start at 0
3.)No double posting your points.
4.)No bashing/trash talking but debating is fine (difference is one is a insult other is a opinion/fact since not every one knows the difference)....

I think we have all wondered what most players preferred most. Feel free to post your opinions why you think the other is better but remember RULE # 4

This game is not my idea but I thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately the thread owner was inactive and thread is no longer playable.

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There have been enough rs3 vs OSRS discussion threads that creating another, even under the guise of a game, will do more to split the community rather than build it.

Both versions of the game are RuneScape and there are plenty of players that play and enjoy both versions. :)

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