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¸.•*¨ ¨`*•.*Draw me .... something¸.•*¨ ¨`*•.*

Hey there!

Here's how it works: YOU make a drawing based on what a previous player suggested! Draw it, post it and then suggest a new drawing for the next player.

Drawings should be based on Runescape content only can be made using your real drawing skills or by using software (like Paint).

Upload your drawing on imgur and share it here :)
(Info on how to upload images on the forums)

¸.•*¨ ¨`*•.*Example¸.•*¨ ¨`*•.*

Player512: Draw me a lobster!

Player81 Here you go!

Draw me Ralph the Thieving pet!


Draw me The Wise Old Man

etc. etc. :P

¸.•*¨ ¨`*•.*Rules¸.•*¨ ¨`*•.*

- Only ask for drawing that relates to Runescape (items, NPCs, activities, objects etc.)

- You can make a drawing using software like Paint or use your real life drawing skills

- Upload the drawing on imgur and post it here, don't forget to ask the next player to draw whatever you can think of related to Runescape (don't make it too hard).

- Try to be quick, there is no need to be an artist. If you need extra time then mention this and keep your post "reserved" until you finish it

- And as always, all Runescape rules apply

Good luck :D

I'll start: draw me a
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