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Lady Deluxe

Lady Deluxe

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I just came across this thread of Cyanid's and it's all maxed out, so I thought I start it again as I enjoyed playing it, so here is the second instalment, have fun and enjoy! :D

Have a rumour to spread about the above poster? Well you've come to the right thread. Here you can spread a nice, juicy rumour about the person who posted before you.

Example of how to play:

Player 1: ^Stole my top hat.
Player 2: ^Wrestled a bear and won.
Player 3: ^Goes to Ballet Recitals.
Player 4: ^Wets the bed!

Keep it nice and have fun.


* If I am not able to re-make this thread within a few weeks of it maxing, the last person to post may re-make it if they choose too :)

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^deep down inside, he's a very happy guy
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Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

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^painted his Party Hat green


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sir eos lee

sir eos lee

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^ steals the souls of teddy bears to empower her accursed toy bunny Mr. Floppykins the Nuzzler of Doom, flayer of 10000 carrots, Scourage of the Dirty Clothes Hamper.

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