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Note: I'm quitting Runescape in six days! If you want this thread, you may recreate it for your own!

Welcome back (or maybe you're here for the first time?) to another edition of Hot or Not, for the third time.
This is a simple little game. All you have to do is say if what the person above you posted is Hot, or Not. Hot being cool, and you like it. Not being you don't like it. Got it?
So it would go like this;
Nubb Eaterr: Not! Mothers Day.
Shredin Sam: Hot! Marshmallos.
Bill: Not! Being rich in RS.
And it would just go on like that.
Note: Please stop saying things like "Hot girls". Through all the versions of this thread, it has been done to death!

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I'll start.
Having the 2000th post of your thread spammed.
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